Welcome to The Newport Clinic's Parent Resource Program

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Our program is designed to empower your teenager to be responsible for their own progress and success by giving them the independence to schedule their own appointments.  We do this while still giving parents ultimate control over the number and frequency of sessions.  Our team includes counselors, hypnotherapists, coaches, and specialists in other disciplines who are committed to helping your teen to feel good about getting help.

We do this by using your child's smartphone as the hub for our interaction.  Simply download our app in the Google or Apple app store onto your son or daughters phone (free download by searching the app store for "The Newport Clinic").  From within the app you can schedule an appointment with any of our practitioners or read more about each member of the team.  The first time you book an appointment using the app, you will enter your credit card information that will be used only for appointments at the Newport Clinic.  The billing information won't be accessible so you can trust your child can only use the card for sessions with us.  Our app will remind your teenager about their appointment in advance and keep track of how many sessions they've had.  

By using the phone as the hub, we allow your teen to have a sense of autonomy about their sessions at the Newport Clinic.  They can ask us for help without having to tell you they need another appointment.  This creates a safe space for them to get help without worrying about your reactions or questions.  

After the first appointment, it's easy for your son or daughter to discretely request a session and get help with just a few clicks on their smartphone.

​How This Works

set goals together

The first step is to decide what you and your child want.  We identify goals, obstacles, and the right strategy to make it work.

they schedule via our smartphone app

Allow your teen to ask us for help without having to ask you.  Our team is a couple of clicks away with our mobile scheduling.

appointment reminders

Our app nags them so you don't have to.  Let them be responsible for their own self improvement. They own the process and the results.


You are not the client.  Your teenager is.  They can tell the difference.