Olena Prokopenko, CHt

Path: I have been called to my path at a very young age through a series of dreams. Being a thoughtful child, I knew there was always more to people than what could be easily seen on the surface. As I discovered more and more tools to dealing with issues and living a fulfilled life, I was called to teach, empower and guide others to their own best life. Education: I earned her MA in Counseling Psychology at the National University in Redding, California. I completed my hypnotherapy training from two best clinically oriented hypnosis schools: Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarazana, CA and Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute, Newport Beach, CA. I am an active member of several professional organizations including Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association, and California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors.

Work: I started helping people to make changes in their life at a healing center guided by my first teacher who was a psychic reader and it helped me to have a strong intuitive foundation for my work. As I enrolled in my education as a professional hypnosis practitioner, I opened up my private practice where I specialized in helping people overcome chronic pain issues. I also worked at a rural health clinic for a year in their behavioral health department as a hypnotherapy specialist, helping patients with often complex needs to quit smoking, cut back on medications by learning to manage their pain, reducing anxiety both in private sessions and in groups, and building many wellness habits. I found it exciting to be a part of bringing wellness into a medical environment. After I relocated to Southern California, I partnered with my school, HPTI, by becoming a hypnosis practitioner and a life coach at the at the time brand new Newport Clinic. Working with a team of talented professionals has been one of my life dreams come true. I provide a range of services from running addiction recovery groups at the local rehab centers to reducing long standing anxiety symptoms in my clients to coaching my clients in areas of wellness and performance. As someone who earned a graduate degree with three little kids at home, I’m also passionate about helping people succeed in their studies, whether educational or professional, using some of the advanced accelerated learning processes. As a highly sensitive person myself, I welcome those clients who have struggled with their sensitivity holding them back in some areas of their life, but who are ready to step into their confidence.

Approach: Hypnotic process allows access to the unconscious mind that is a source of habits in our lives. Through building up new beneficial habits, you can change your whole life. My holistic approach of starting with the basics like sleep and other habits that contribute to physical wellbeing and moving on to deep spiritual fulfillment make me well suited to address unique life imbalances wherever they may be located in your life. If you are ready, simply call the Newport Clinic and schedule a session with me! If you are not quite sure what you are looking for yet, I’d love to schedule a complimentary exploration session for you and provide clarity for what the next step on your journey.