Cynthia Smith, DC, LAC, CH

While practicing chiropractic and acupuncture in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Cynthia enrolled in a series of classes at the Inner Connection Institute and furthered her education at The Journey Within Spiritual Center. From 1997 to 2007 she completed a series of courses to develop her intuitive capabilities and mastery as a spiritual counselor. During this time she also completed the Minister’s program and spent hundreds of hours providing intuitive readings and healings to people seeking care and comfort.

This work enables her to be more present and nurturing with her chiropractic and acupuncture patients.

As a spiritual counselor and coach, she believes in helping a person raise their level of consciousness and energetic awareness. She begins from a place of validation and encouragement; “what’s right or good about this situation and let’s improve upon it.” Her mission is to help you feel good about yourself and use that as a foundation for healing whatever concerns you bring to the office. It’s not unusual to find yourself laughing during a session as healing happens more easily at a vibration of amusement and lightness.

Additionally, she brings 25 years of experience in business and is expertly available to help you navigate all arenas of income generation. Whether you are an entrepreneur, looking for a new job or want to improve your current situation, she can help you find the right fit and bring consciousness and awareness to this critical area of life. All while maintaining work/life balance. This is how one achieves success!